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Below is just a random selection of our books. All our books are New and in perfect condition unless otherwise stated

Item Code 2294

PRICE ... £19.50

Kahn & Selesnick - Apollo Phrophies

in one extravagantly long duotone panorama, dipicting an imagined expedition of 1960s American astronauts. Landing on the moon, they discover a lost mission of Edwardian-era astronauts who greet them as long-awaited gods


Item Code 3194

PRICE ... £70.00

Mark Steinmetz - Paris in my Time

Signed by the Photographer

The latest book from Steinmetz, this work is classical, but with a modern feel that both updates the tradition and follows the path Steinmetz has set with his other books



Item Code 3285

PRICE ... £550.00

Mark Steinmetz - Southern Triology
South Central, South East and Greater Atlanta

All 3 Books New & Signed by the Photographer,

With all 3 books quickly going out of print this is a must have set and possibly your only chance to get all three books on line together.

Item Code 2683

PRICE ... £25.00

Robert Frank - Paris

 His visit to Paris in 1951 was his second return to Europe after he had settled in New York City in 1947 and some of the images he made during that visit have become iconic in the history of the medium.


Item Code 2623

PRICE ... £.75.00

Bettina Rheims & Serge Bramly

Highly sought after and if not somewhat contraversial book depicting a dazzling photographic re-presentation of the life of Jesus.

Item Code 2502

PRICE ... £120.00

Robert Adams - Interiors 1973-74

Signed by the Photographer

Robert Adams came across a group of 24 pictures he made in Denver in the early 1970s. These photographs, which informed his later work, are published here for the first time. 

Item Code 3149

PRICE ... £20.00

Aled Rhys Hughes - Mor Goleuni Tir Tywyll
(Sea of Light Dark Land)

Signed by the Photographer

A rich collection of powerful photographic images mainly from Pembrokeshire placed side by side with short extracts from the poetry of Waldo Williams (1904-71) reflecting the duality of the poet's basic concepts. 65 colour and 9 black-and-white photographs.. Some text in Welsh


Item Code 2954

PRICE ... £65.00

Martin Parr - Luxury

Signed by the Photographer

An epitaph to the age of conspicuous consumption, with candid images of the fabulously wealthy on the international party circuit: champagne-fuelled lunches, horse races, Moscow’s Millionaire Fair, the Dubai Art Fair and the Beijing Motor Show, to name a few locales

Item Code 2741

PRICE ... £220.00

Mark Steinmetz - South East

Signed by the Photographer

Long out of Print Mark Steinmetz here turns his focus to Athens and Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis and East Tennessee, and the roads between. Highly regarded for his black-and-white portraits, Steinmetz is renowned for producing powerful pictures which capture the strong sense of displacement and isolation that is felt by many young Americans.

Item Code 2105

PRICE ... £25.00

Helmut Newton - Object Carpet

This seems to be a advertising book for a carpet manufacturer. Sections by Michel Comte, Helmut Newton, Jean-Baptitste Mondino, and William Wegman. Printed in full colour, except for the Newton section. Whatever the content of the photograph whether fashion, architecture, or Wegmans dogs each has a carpet within it, often quite subtly

Item Code 2078

PRICE ... £80.00

Michael Kenna - Calais Lace

Signed by the Photographer

Pursuing the memories that still haunt the old laceworks of Calais, Michael KennaÊs photographs capture a past deeply ingrained in the life of this town.



Item Code 3209

PRICE ... £50.00

Michael Kenna - Shinan

Shinan, an archipelago of 1,004 exquisite and unspoiled islands situated in the South West of Korea, is also known as 'The Island of Angel's.


Item Code 2828

PRICE ... £25.00

Lola Alvarez Bravo - Lola Alvarez Bravo

Mexico's first famous woman photographer, Lola Alvarez Bravo (1907-1993) moved in the same artistic circles as José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo—indeed, Kahlo was the subject of some of her most powerful portraits.

Item Code 3231

PRICE ... £30.00

Robert Adams - A Question of Hope

The question of hope is especially urgent because of environmental threats. One such peril, deforestation, is the subject of the first half of this book, where pictures of it suggest a war zone. 


Item Code 2948

PRICE ... £220.00

MiMark Steinmetz - Greater Atlanta

Signed by the Photographer

Long out of Print, Mark Steinmetz completes his powerful and moving trilogy, “South”, with Greater Atlanta. Photographing in Atlanta and its outlying regions, Steinmetz provides his testimony on contemporary American civilization. 


Item Code 2625

PRICE ... £15.00

Luc Sante - No Smoking

No Smoking is a tribute to the 20th century, a century that created, promoted, and glorified the cigarette and then suddenly declared war on it.

Item Code 2942

PRICE ... £35.00

Steve McCurry - Santuary

Signed by the Photographer

Beautiful and evocative photographs of the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, among the world's most impressive monuments, by the great colourist photographer of Southeast Asia, Steve McCurry 


Item Code 2292

PRICE ... £55.00

Steve McCurry - Looking East

Signed by the Photographer

This portfolio contains a selection of the best and most poignant portraits by Steve McCurry, known and loved the world over for his beautiful and enduring images of the landscapes and cultures of South and Southeast Asia. 

Item Code 2696

PRICE ... £9.99

Aberlardo Morell - A Book of Books

The notion of photographing books may sound adolescent, but Abelardo Morell has made a career of taking childlike ideas and rendering them in sophisticated, reflexive fashion. He doesn't disappoint here.


Item Code 3002

PRICE ... £60.00

David Bailey - Eye

Signed by the Photographer

This is an excellent collection of Bailey's portraits amongst which is a colection of photographs of some of this centuries best photographers.

Item Code 2901

PRICE ... £75.00

David Bailey - The Lady is a Tramp

Signed by the Photographer

 a tribute to his wife, the model Catherine Bailey. Divided into five sections - nudes, fashion, pregnancy, children and beauty - these images capture her in different incarnations, as wife, mother, lover, seductress...and as tramp. 

Item Code 2593

PRICE ... £16.00

Genevieve Field, editor - Nerve,
The New Nude

The 145 color and black-and-white photographs here are combinations of advertising, art, and pornography: naked bodies splayed on the cracked mud of the desert, pictures that pay homage to Helmut Newton, political statements, and an orgy in Venice.

Item Code 2671

PRICE ... £90.00

Jason Langer - Secret City

Signed by the Photographer

Jason Langer’s first monograph is a journey through damp-lit streets of anonymous cities, an experience that could be frightening – alone, in the dark – but is here infused with poetic sensibility and intrigue.

Item Code 2024

PRICE ... £175.00

Chao Chan - Echo

Limited to just 500 copies this was very quickly out of print. I have a couple of new copies still in the publishers wrapper. Echo, is comprised of 28 portraits of female nudes; handled with grace, mutual trust between subject and artist, and masterful control of natural light, colour and composition, for which the artist has become well known. 

Item Code 3250

PRICE ... £12.00

Manuel Alveraz Bravo - The Eyes in his Eyes

This striking album reintroduces some of his overlooked masterpieces and many never-before-seen images from his 80-year career. 

Item Code 2567

PRICE ... £40.00

Jeremy Stiger - Jewish Bride

as in a silent movie, it is all played out in black and white. Bit by bit, as one image follows the other, a narrative unfolds. The story told is basically simple, banal even as it concerns a romantic encounter between a man and a woman. It happens to go wrong. 

Item Code 2560

PRICE ... £60.00

Daido Moriyama - Hawaii

Signed by the Photographer, First Edition

  The idea of Hawaii has been stuck in my mind for many, many years, just as the idea of a place. I try to imagine what it's like, and I have a certain image of it - a nostalgic place, a place where time has stopped. When I get there, I'll probably find out it's nothing like that. . 


Item Code 2619

PRICE ... £12.00

Philip Brookman - Common Ground

This book explores the universal human experiences of struggle, transcendence and salvation through painting, sculpture, folk art, photography and assemblage from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Over 160 evocative works reflect five key themes: time, past and present; memory and tribute; community; hope and belief; and a sense of place.


Item Code 3246

PRICE ... £35.00

Arnold Newman - The Early Work

Newman spent the early years of his career experimenting in abstract and documentary images. Spanning 1938 to 1942, this collection reveals his evolution as a photographer,

Item Code 2295

PRICE ... £100.00

Humphrey Spender - Worktown People

Signed by the photogrpher

Spender's photographs are the best known visual records of the Worktown Study and cover the full range of Mass-Observation's interests - politics and elections; religion; street scenes; industrial landscapes; the public house; market scenes;

Item Code 2326

PRICE ... £9.99

Antony Suau - Fear This

Suau's first-hand documentation of the United States throughout the buildup to the war in Iraq and major Allied military operations, ending with the capture of Saddam Hussein and the erupting Iraqi insurgency. 


Item Code 2248

PRICE ... £45.00

Donovan Wylie - The Maze

1st edition (2004) still in publishers wraps

the Northern Ireland Prison Service gave Donovan Wylie exclusive and unprecedented permission to photograph the entire prison complex without supervision.



Item Code 2022

PRICE ... £750.00

Bob Carlos Clarke - Love Dolls Never Die

Signed by the Photographer,

With less than 300 copies of this book published this is one of only a few signed copies, the Holy Grail of books from this highly collectable photographer.

Item Code 2570

PRICE ... £25.00

Chris Coekin - The Hitcher

Coekin's images include not-so-perfect, snapshot aesthetic self-portraits and observant documentary-style images made with a small, cheap disposable camera and revealing formal portraits of the drivers taken on a professional camera


Item Code 2055

PRICE ... £.65.00

Stephen Gill - Field Studies

Signed by the Photographer

Long out of print this is Gill's first book which confirmed his arrival as an original vision of contemporary photography.

Item Code 3034

PRICE ... £100.00

Stephen Gill - Outside In

Signed by the Photographer

Gill introduced objects into the camera chamber becoming integral to the photographs then produced, rather than being merely superimposed, their place in the composition occurring entirely at random and establishing both harmony and conflict. 

Item Code 3150

PRICE ... £20.00

Aled Rhys Hughes -Deid yn Dod Miwn 
(A Tide is Coming)

Signed by the Photographer

A combination of poetry and striking photographs of the Welsh coast. This volume gives a new and fresh light on our familiar coast. The photographer's notes offers an insight to his work, and the volume also includes a colour map of the locations featured. Some text in Welsh


Item Code 2380

PRICE ... £25.00

Elliot Erwitt - Flip-o-Rama

This series of 18 mini flip books, each consisting of 28 photographs of a single animation, is housed in a beautiful cloth box. Flip o Ramais a wonderful treat for anyone who wants to discover Italy's colorful charm. 

Item Code 2042

PRICE ... £100.00

Mitch Epstein - Recreation

Signed by the Photographer

Most of these photographs are previously unpublished-culled from 15 years of work that addresses the theme of American recreation. 

Item Code 3153

PRICE ... £20.00

Eugene Richards - Dorcester Days

A respected classic, originally self-published in 1978, that has been reordered and expanded in this edition to include many previously unpublished photographs. On the basis of his Dorchester Days he became a member of Magnum Photos in 1978, but left in 1994 to work independently.

Item Code 3156

PRICE ... £50.00

Eugene Richards - Fat Baby

The culmination of a dozen years of reporting, both on and off assignment, these stories, each one different in style and tone, immerse us in the lives of Honduran coffee growers, members of a Kansas City street gang, drought-plagued villagers from Niger, and doctors in an embattled Bosnian hospital.



Item Code 2133

PRICE ... £100.00

Eugene Richards - Fat Baby

Signed by the Photographer

At a time when photojournalists are often relegated to illustrating the ideas of others, he persists in interweaving his words and photographs to create boldly narrative stories that bear witness to the dramas of real lives and comment on the times in which we live. 


Item Code 3247

PRICE ... £18.00

Gunter Pfannmuller - Bhutan

The faces in this book mirror the dignity and self-confidence of these people, including members of the royal family, monks, religious dancers, peasants, herders, artisans, children, and the elderly. Each one stepped into the portable studio of German photographer Günter 

Item Code 3217

PRICE ... £42.00

Michael Kenna - A journey through Asia

1st Edition limited to just 750 copies

This book takes you on a journey through Asia, across the landscapes of India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan. 

Signed copies are also available .


Item Code 3225

PRICE ... £100.00

Michael Kenna - Tranquil Morning

Signed by the Photographer

Limited to justt 100o copies this beautifully produced catalogue for  his Korean Exhibition


Item Code 2794

PRICE ... £20.00

Bill Jay - 61 Pimlico

An exquisitely produced, collectable book of erotica, 61 Pimlico tells the story of Henry Halers, Victorian photographer of the nude. 

Item Code 2092

PRICE ... £75.00

Don McCullin & Jonathan Dimbleby

Signed by the Photographer

 The photographs and interviews help capture the feelings, outlook, and plight of Palestinians, who have spent frustrating years as refugees caught up in the turbulence of the Middle East.


Item Code 2443

PRICE ... £400.00

Stephen Gill - Archaelogy in Reverse

Signed & Numbered by the Photographer
ltd to 100 copies with a C-Type Print

Continuing to photograph where his award-winning book Hackney Wick left off, Stephen Gill has made Archaeology in Reverse in his cherished area in East London, photographing 2012 olympic site before building commenced.

Item Code 2531

PRICE ... £9.99

Mabel Cabot - Vanished Kingdoms

In the early 1920s, the last great age of world explorers, a remarkable young woman, Janet Elliott Wulsin, set out with her husband, Frederick Wulsin, for the far reaches of China, Tibet, and Outer Mongolia to study the people, flora, and fauna of the region.
While in Asia, the Wulsins took many extraordinary photographs, which form the heart of this richly produced publication.


Item Code 2247

PRICE ... £75.00

Bruce GIlden - Fashion Magazine

Signed by the Photographer

Magnum Photos presents another in their collectorable series Fashion, featuring work by the New York fashion photographer, Bruce Gilden. In this edition, Gilden works together with a number of important fashion writers. This set contains seven paper back section one of which has been signed

Item Code 2782

PRICE ... £100.00

Martin Parr & Marcelo Brodsky - Correspondencia

Signed by both Photographers

Book of colour photographs by the two photographers which echo each other in a visual dialogue across continents. Limited edition of 1000 copies. 

Item Code 2537

PRICE ... £9.99

Daniel Fresnay - Les Girls

Following WWII Fresnay found himself in the midst of a world where topless women dazzled in sequins, paillettes, feathers, fishnets, and little else. For 40 years he held the enviable position of official photographer at the famed Cabaret Lido, in Paris.

Item Code 2591

PRICE ... £75.00

Josef Hoflehner - Frozen History

Josef Hoflehner present this premiere detailed portrayal of the historic camps left by the great Anartic expeditions of Scott and Shackleton. Many of these fine photographs are accompanied by excerpts from diaries gathered from Antarctic historic site 

Item Code 2010

PRICE ... £60.00

David Bailey - Democracy

 David Bailey turned his lens away from the glitterati and decided instead to focus on ordinary people ? with startling results. Over a period of three years, people visiting his studio were asked if they would agree to be photographed naked. None refused, and none was rejected.

Item Code 2538

PRICE ... £9.99

Tim Davis - My Life in Politics

"My Life in Politics" represents photographic seeing at its finest and most subtle. Davis continues Stephen Shore's colorist tradition, meshing the careful management of a quotidian palette with an incisive eye for those points at which light bends and refracts, becoming something other than mere illumination

Item Code 3078

PRICE ... £80.00

Kinko Shirobayashi- Beyond

Limited to just 500 copies

The minimalist landscape photographs by Shirobayashi that are presented in Beyond, the artist’s first monograph, combine a delicate Japanese aesthetic with rugged land- and seascapes.

Item Code 2220

PRICE ... £100.00

Joel Meyerowitz - Aftermath

Signed by the Photographer, First Edition

 This extraordinary archive of pictures is the only existing photographic record of Ground Zero after the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11.
Joel Meyerowitz became the sole photographer to have continued access to the site and described its transformation over the next nine months, from a place of total devastation to cleared bedrock.


Item Code 2539

PRICE ... £8.99

Peter  Mesenholler - Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits 1905-1920

Throughout his tenure as a registry clerk with the Immigration Division of Ellis Island, Sherman systematically photographed more than 200 families, groups, and individuals while they were being held by customs for special investigations.


Item Code 3031

PRICE ... £60.00

Stephen Gill - European eyes on Japan

Signed by the Photographer

“contemporary people and the way they live”, from the viewpoints of European photographers. Kagoshima prefecture was the subject of the three photographers who comprised this Volume 9 edition.

Item Code 2118

PRICE ... £100.00

Martin Parr - Seven Colonial Still lifes

Signed by the photogrpher

One Picture Book, Limited to 500 numbered copies
with a small original print tipped in.

Martin Parr's second contribution to our One Picture Book Series, Seven Colonial Still Lifes, takes us to Colombo, Kandy, and Newara Eliya, Sri Lanka. A logical companion book to his previous book in this series

Item Code 2621

PRICE ... £9.99

Jan Yoors - Heroic Present

The nuanced portrait details the rhythms of life among the Romani; the exceptional occurrences of birth, marriage, and death; and the highly codified system of conduct of the Gypsies


Item Code2961

PRICE ... £60.00

Jerry Uelsman - The Minds Eye

Signed by the photographer

Using multiple negatives to produce his surreal, dreamlike photographs, Jerry Uelsmann has developed a singular artistic vision which has carried him through a nearly 50 year artistic career. 



Item Code 2578

PRICE ... £250.00

e - Masao Yamamoto

Signed by the Photographer,
these books have a very slight bump to the spine


Yamamoto makes images that are essentially vignettes of nature and our intersection with it, ruminating over the passage of time and memory, his finished prints are miniature treasures

Item Code 2404

PRICE ... £10.00

Ornela Vorpsi - Nothing Obvious

Her truly new and unique images, firmly grounded in her familiarity with art history, force us to face up to the erotic and spiritual crises of today

Item Code 2167

PRICE ... £.60.00

Jurgen Teller - Marchenstuberl

Signed by the Photographer

Intensely reminiscent and abstractly personal, Marchenstberl also contains selections from Teller's entire body of work

Item Code 3189

PRICE ... £100.00

Jason Langer Possession

Signed by the Photographer

Regardless of their subject, Langer's images return us to a place where what happens in front of the lens is unanticipated and distinctly photographic. 

Item Code 3212

PRICE ... £20.00

Tony Ray-Jones - Americain Colour

 a carefully edited selection of previously unpublished Tony Ray-Jones colour photographs from the earliest period of his work.


Item Code 3108

PRICE ... £40.00

Bill Schwab - Gathering Calm

Signed by the Photographer

"Bill Schwab knows landscapes - and indeed, it's evident that he loves them. His methodology is both intutitive and analytical. 

Item Code 3113

PRICE ... £105.00

Bill Schwab - Gathering Calm

Signed by the Photographer + Signed Print

"Bill Schwab knows landscapes - and indeed, it's evident that he loves them. His methodology is both intutitive and analytical. 

Item Code 2592

PRICE ... £20.00

Zed Nelson - Gun Nation

Here Mark turns her acute eye to the extraordinary bond that exists between twins.

Item Code 2780

PRICE ... £65.00

Toshio Shibata - Landscape (2nd Printing)

Toshio shibata is one of Japan's most respected contemporary artists. This faithful reprint is a welcome reissuing of Shibata's finest monograph. A superb addition to any fine-art photography library!



Item Code 2786

PRICE ... £80.00

Toshio Shibata - Landscape 2

Toshio shibata is one of Japan's most respected contemporary artists. Shibata has moved to large-format color photography, maintaining as his subject the spectacular, anti-erosion engineering structures so prevelant in the mountainous inland regions of Japan and parts of the United States


Item Code 2394

PRICE ... £20.00

William Claxton - Photographic Memory

Best known for his iconic photographs of jazz greats such as Chet Baker and Miles Davis, Claxton has compiled this photographic album of celebrity images dating primarily from the Fifties and Sixties

Item Code 2154

PRICE ... £75.00

Chris Steele Perkins - The Teds

Signed by the Photographer

The Teddy Boys were a flashily dressed, rebellious and sometimes violent youth movement that originated in Britain in the '50s. The Teds combines image and text to tell their story -- a fascinating tale spanning three decades.


Item Code 3104

PRICE ... £100.00

Corey Arnold - Fish Works; The Bearing Sea

Capturing moments from Arnold’s grueling retreats as a crew member aboard a fishing boat to the Bering Sea.  With scenes of boat life so vivid that some shots can induce seasickness,  


Item Code 2536

PRICE ... £11.00

R H Cravens - Photography Past/Forward: Aperture at Fifty

A remarkable selection of images culled from every period of Aperture's history illuminate photography's ever-expanding ability to evince uncommon beauty and render subjects as diverse as landscape and portraiture to issues of international social concern,

Item Code 3203

PRICE ... £75.00

Mark Steinmetz - Summertime

Signed by the Photographer

 when kids and teenagers were able to roam their neighborhoods with less supervision than today, riding bikes without wearing helmets, and hanging out without constant digital interruptions, these black and white photographs capture the light and feel of an endless summer.


Item Code 2574

PRICE ... £300.00

Paul Graham - American Night

Signed by the Photographer

 Taking on a simple topic, of late dealt with only through clich photojournalism, American Night embraces neglected territory in a series of shocking images that sit on the fence between art and document.

Item Code 3216

PRICE ... £30.00

Martin Par - The Non Conformists

The Non-Conformists features Martin Parr’s first major body of work from the mid-1970s, published here for the first time in book form.

Item Code 3281

PRICE ... £59.95

Parr & Badger - The Photobook Vol 3

Signed by Parr & Badger
these books are bumped in one corner

The third and final volume in Phaidon’s acclaimed Photobook series, hailed as ‘the most important contribution to the field since modern histories of photography began to appear in the early 20th century

Item Code 2120

PRICE ... £90.00

Martin Parr - A8

Signed by the Photographer

Commissioned by the Architech this contains 28 photographs by Martin Parr from his study of the area around the A8 road in Scotland. This publication was privately published for limited distribution, only a handful have been signed by Parr.

Item Code 2396

PRICE ... £15.00

Robert Faber - Natural Beauty

A beautiful collection of sensitive and often abstract nudes by award-winning photographer Robert Farber

Item Code 3209

PRICE ... £50.00

Michael Kenna - Shinan

Breathtakingly beautiful – it sounds like a cliché, but the phrase encapsulates the feeling that echoed in my mind the moment I saw Michael Kenna's work...

Item Code 2553

PRICE ... £100.00

Michael Kenna - Japan

My Favourite Kenna book, the images are beautifully crafted, printed and presented.
Superbly printed in tritone, Japan is hardbound in red cloth and presented in a Japanese folding slipcase.

Item Code 2415

PRICE ... £17.00

John Darwell - Working Lives

Signed by the Photographer

The images concentrate on the traditional and endangered areas of hatting, clog making and leather tanneries, capturing not only the startling 'Dickensian' environments but also the people who spend their working lives using processes that have essentially remained unaltered for the last one hundred years

Item Code 2630

PRICE ... £75.00

Josef Hoflehner - Nine

Signed byt the Photographer

Hoflehner brings freshness and originality to objects often photographed before.

Item Code 2703

PRICE ... £850.00

Stephen Gill - Warming Down

Signed & numbered by the Photographer

The books are ex-Hackney Library music score books approx A5 in size. Into these books Stephen has added 15 hand printed c-type prints, some letter press printing, a sun etched lino print and a pressed flower from Hackney Wick


Item Code 2610

PRICE ... £8.99

Jim Rice - Deptford Creek

These images won Jim Rice the prestigous Ilford Photographer of the Year award back in 1990.
Deptford Creek has been a working river for centuries, the Creek of today however, quickly dispels any romantic view of the area. As the bulldozers move in, Jim Rice's photographs capture an image of Deptford Creek that will soon be lost.


Item Code 2332

PRICE ... £75.00

Todd Hido - Between the Two

weaves photographs of abandoned houses together with portraits of anonymous models in motel rooms that have obviously seen better days. 


Item Code 2917

PRICE ... £120.00

Todd Hido - Cracked Trees

Signed byt the photogrpher

Limited to 500 numbered copies
with a small original print tipped in


Item Code 3248

PRICE ... £20.00

Edward Steichen - Lives in Photography

 With 250 images this is a large and thorough monograph

Item Code 2951

PRICE ... £60.00

Steve McCurry

In the Sadow of the Mountains

A Collection of previously unpublished photographs of Afganistan and its people.



Item Code 3148

PRICE ... £160.00

Edward Weston - 125 Photographs Deluxe edition

The larger deluxe edition of this great book printed on lush and heavy paper stock in a gold cloth covered slip case. A supurb collection of images from one of Photography’s most influential photographers


Item Code 3250

PRICE ... £12.00

Manuel Alvarez Bravo - The Eyes, His Eyes

This striking album reintroduces some of his overlooked masterpieces and many never-before-seen images from his 80-year career.

Item Code 3086

PRICE ... £.40.00

Nicola Dill - Sea Etchings

 Dill's first monograph, is printed in an oversized format on matt Japanese art paper. This first printing is limited to 500 copies

Item Code 3103

PRICE ... £75.00

Nicola Dill (Signed) - Sea Etchings

This copy has been signed by Dill, this her first monograph, is printed in an oversized format on matt Japanese art paper. First printing is limited to 500 copies

Item Code 2393

PRICE ... £17.50

Adam Brooks - Subjective Realities

a stellar selection of contemporary photography from the Refco Collection.


Item Code 3239

PRICE ... £30.00

Mitch Dobrowner - Storms

Dobrowner has traveled throughout Western and Midwestern America to capture nature in its full fury

Item Code 2339

PRICE ... £100.00

Junko Takash (one picture book) - The Receptionist

Limited to 500 copies, signed and numbered with a small print tipped in

. Tokyo-based photographer Junko Takahashi has selected seven images from her series of portraits of receptionists

Item Code 2262

PRICE ... £17.00

Mary Ellen Mark - Twin

Here Mark turns her acute eye to the extraordinary bond that exists between twins.

Item Code 3116

PRICE ... £65.00

Bella Doka (Signed) - The Sundays of Life

Limited to just 250 Signed & numbered copies this self published book from the Hungarian photographer



Item Code3118

PRICE ... £275.00

Bella Doka (Signed) - The Sundays of Life

This is the Deluxe Boxed Edition limited to 50 Signed and numbered copies with a print and in a clam shell box I have 3 copies available each with a different print.


Item Code 2102

PRICE ... £22.00

James Mollison (Signed) - James and other Apes

 The images are so strong the viewer calls into question the dividing-line between man and animal. 

Item Code 2649

PRICE ... £75.00

Ron van Dongen (Signed) - Aurora

... yielding the deep beauty that arises from such single-minded observation: a precise observation of the physical world,


Item Code 2440

PRICE ... £100.00

Stephen Gill (Signed) - Hackney Flowers

Stephen Gill has again used his surroundings as the inspiration for this beautiful and evocative series. Hackney Flowers has evolved from his longstanding interest in Hackney, east London. 


Item Code 3257

PRICE ... £7.00

Maria Tippett - The Life of Karsh

This is the first biography, written with help from his family and colleagues and based on the Karsh archive in Ottawa. 

Item Code 3284

PRICE ... £55.00

Michael Kenna - France

 Comprising 275 duotone plates, this gorgeous new book was edited by the artist himself, who selected both well-known and previously unpublished material 


Item Code 3220

PRICE ... £130.00

Michael Kenna (Signed) -  Huangshan (1st Edition)

This is the slipcased first edition, which has been signed by the photographer. This is not the limited edition signed and numbered edition.

Item Code 2545

PRICE ... £18.00

Atta Kim - The Museum Project

The Museum Project is comprised of a number of series, such as War Memorial, Sex, Suicide, and other human typologies, each intended to highlight a particular mode of behavior or belief.

Item Code 2280

PRICE ... £60.00

David Bailey (Signed) - Havana

Havana shows Bailey at the height of his powers, producing photographs that reflect his mastery of the full range of the distinct genres of the medium.

Item Code 2291

PRICE ... £100.00

Rene Burri (Signed) - Photographs

Twentyone thematic chapters detail his contributions to our collective understanding of place and personalities from the 20th century.

Item Code 2268

PRICE ... £10.00

Michiko Kon - Still Lifes

with a Surrealist sensibility reminiscent of the works of Man Ray and Meret Oppenheim, skillfully creating a permanent record of impermanent objects.

Item Code 3134

PRICE ... £45.00

John Blakemore (Signed) - Photographs 1955 - 2010

Photographs 1955-2010 is the first major retrospective book of the renowned British photographer John Blakemore which explores the extensive range of work undertaken over a period of almost 60 years of visual exploration.

Item Code 2586

PRICE ... £75.00

Don McCullin (Signed) - In England

This is my personal favourite of all McCullins books. At a time when we might believe the world has changed beyond our imagination, McCullin shows us a view of England where the line between the wealthy and the deprived is as defined as ever.

Item Code 2723

PRICE ... £9.99

Ruth Bernhard - Between Art & Life

Reminiscent of a personal scrapbook, the engaging text is adorned with an abundance of fascinating memorabilia and nostalgic snapshots.

Item Code 3085

PRICE ... £40.00

Boomoon Kwon - Naksan

The winter sea that Boomoon photographed was so stormy it could just as well be called a sea of snow

Item Code 3027

PRICE ... £195.00

Daido Moriyama - ZOO no1

This volume began as "a retrospective collection of photographs on the subject of animals by Daido Moriyama, but goes much further

Item Code 2392

PRICE ... £10.00

David Bradford - Drive by Shootings

Using high-speed black and white film and an automatic camera, Bradford has been shooting the New York streets since 1990. 

Item Code 3213

PRICE ... £50.00

Brommberg & Chanarin - Holy Bible (2nd Printing)

 By allowing elements of the original text to guide their image selection, the artists explore themes of authorship, and the unspoken criteria used to determine acceptable evidence of conflict.


Item Code 2631

PRICE ... £500.00

Josef Hoflehner (Signed) - Nine

Deluxe Limited Edition of just 50, with a signed print

This special edition was sold out prior to publication this copy is in mint condition and still wrapped it its original bubblewrap.
Josef Hoflehner's ninth book features his recent work from Japan, India, Canada and United States. 

Item Code 2317


George Rodger - Village of the Nubas

Phaidon reprint of this classic Book

Item Code 2047


Fleur Olby (Signed)- Fleur

Beautiful "portraits" of flowers, superbly light and composed


Item Code 2702


Stephen Shore (Signed) - Merced River (OPB)

Artist's Proof of this one Picture Book Contains a small signed print tipped into the back of the book.


Item Code 3249


Edward Weston- 125 Photographs

Published to celebrate 125 years of Edward Weston, a superb collection of images, every photographic library should include a copy.

Item Code 2657


Stephen Gill ( Signed) - A Series of Disappointments

Discarded betting slips collected from the floors of Hackney betting shops are the study of this contemporary book.


Item Code 2714


Stephen Gill (Signed)- Set of 6 books from 2007

Hackney Flowers - Signed, numbered + Print,
Archaeology in Reverse - Signed, numbered + Print,
Anoymous Origami - Signed, numbered + Print

plus regular Signed copies of each book to keep your deluxe copies prestine.


Item Code 2261


Scianna, Ferdinando - To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Softcover edition of this book featured in Parr / Badger The Photobook: A History Volume 1



Item Code 3283


Todd Hido - B Sides Silver Meadow

 Limited to just 500 and quickly out of print, this Box Set comprises 50 images printed on loose cards, presented in a 2 piece lucite box. The selection includes alternate images that didn’t make it into the book, as well as variations of images that did.


Item Code 3187


Todd Hido (Signed) - Excerpt from Silver Meadow

Possibly your last chance to get a signed copy of Hido's latest book


Item Code 2401


Sebastian Selgado - The End of Polo

Sebastião Salgado, known for his dedication to the plight of the world's dispossessed, traveled to five polio endemic countries to photograph the campaign to eradicate polio

Item Code 2717


Josef Hoflehner (Signed) - Big Island

Long out of Print this softcover 20cm x 20cmbook features photographs from Hawaii printed in Duotone on matt art paper


Item Code 23633


Josef Hoflehner (Signed) China: Li River

Limited to just 30 copies this deluxe copy housed in a clam shell box and includes a signed and numbered silver print and book.


Item Code 2114


Martin Parr (Signed) - From our House

A book of Christmas Cards Parr has collected on his travels around the world.

Item Code 2122


Martin Parr (Signed) - Fashion Magazine

Parr's Satirical look at the Fashion World,  bursting with photo stories, magazine sections & fashion columns this is 100% Parr


Item Code 2413


Martin Parr (Signed) - Parking Spaces

Presented as a luxury Wedding Album complete with signed & numbered "invation" sytle card the book features images of Parking Spaces not just any but the last parking space in different car parks.


Item Code 2324


Elliott Erwitt - Handbook

Renowned magnum photographer this book features Hands, and the way they convey emotions.

Item Code 2417


John Darwell (Signed) - Dark Days

This work taken on the north side of the English Lake District looks at the Foot and Mouth epidemic that swept through the UK in 2001 and became one of the most devastating and significant events to affect the British countryside within living memory.


Item Code 2575


Paul Graham (Signed) -  A shimmer of Possibility

This 12 volume set comes in its own shipping box, one of the books have been signed by Paul Graham, the others have never been removed from the box, in perfect condition my last copy of this modern classic.


Item Code 2525


Molly Russel - Dog Show

A remarkable insider perspective gets to the heart of people's love affair with their dogs and our fascination with these shows.

Item Code 2775


Wassinklungren (Signed) - Empty Bottles (2nd Printing)

In this large, thread-bound photo book printed on special blue-backed paper, the collaborative team WassinkLundgren takes a concerted look at the daily ritual of China’s refuse collectors


Item Code 2551


Michael Kenna (Signed)- Mont St Michel

Limited to 250 signed and numbered slip cased copies


Item Code 2395


John Cohen - There is no eye

Many famous faces make an appearance: the crumpled forehead of Jack Kerouac, an impish Bob Dylan, a diffident Franz Kline, and a tousled, aging Woody Guthrie.

Item Code 2182


Nick Waplington - Truth or Consequence

This portrait of small town America shows us the place behind its unusual name, the lives of its people and the landscape they live in, while at the same time constructing a personal tribute to the great American photography.


Item Code 2081


Koishi, Kiyoshi - Shoka Shinkeri

Limited to just 100 numbered copies this is a faithful reproduction of this 1933 Japanese book, complete with thick card pages and Zinc Cover. The ten images in this work were exhibited in Osaka in 1932 and juxtapose movement with stillness, nostalgia with violence, and the appealing fluidity.


Item Code 2450


Mark Leong - China Obscura

Chinese -American photographer Mark Leong was compelled to stay and explore with his camera's lens the fascinating contradictions of a rapidly changing but still intensely traditional Chinese society

Item Code 2871


John Taylor - The old order andthe new: P H Emerson

With reproductions of over 180 prints, this book presents a full account of Emerson's place in the history of photography, discussing both his contribution to the debates on the aesthetics of photography and his technical innovations.


Item Code 2049


Robert Frank (SIGNED) - The Americans

This 1993 edition from cornerhouse is a quality reprint of this iconic edition and has been signed by Robert Frank. Signatures by Robert Frank are as rare as Hens teeth.



Item Code 2831


Lena Herzog - Pilgrims

Photographer Lena Herzog, wife of film director Werner Herzog, presents this evocative album of 146 color images of the holy and the penitent.

Item Code 2588


David Bailey (Signed) - Sert Portfolio #50

This portfolio focuses on his most exciting work since 2000. Always the chronicler of the times, Bailey's subjects here include such personalities as Michael Caine, Morrissey and Damon Albarn.


Item Code 2300


Bert Teunissen (Signed)- Domestic Landscapes - an introduction Manual

The book is spiral bound with stiff card pages, each page has been cut in such away to take one picture, the book has pages to display 15 images. There are 20 pictures that come with the book, printed single sided onto sheets of paper which fit onto the stiff card pages. The idea is that you are then able to edit and arrange the images in any order you desire. Each image is approx 370mm x 300mm


Recently added and back in stock

Title Bailey's East End

Author Bailey, David



Title France

Author Kenna, Michael



Title B - Sides Silver Meadows

Author Hido, Todd

Limited to 500 copies - now out of Print


STOCK ....

Item Code 3273

Title Polariods from Hati (OPB)

Author Jim Goldberg (Signed)

Signed & Numbered by the photographer


STOCK ....

Item Code 3272

Title Witness (OPB)

Author Dan Solomon (Signed)

Signed & Numbered by the photographer


STOCK ....

Item Code 3271

Title iPhone Studies:Reverse Scrubs

Author Richard Misrach (Signed)

Signed & Numbered by the Photographer


STOCK ....

Item Code 3270

Title Supermarket

Author John Divola(Signed)

Signed & Numbered by the Photographer


STOCK ....

Item Code 3269

TITLE ...Stern Portfolio #75 Welt

AUTHOR...Robert Lebeck



STOCK ....

Item Code 3248

Title Edward Steichen: lives in Photography

Author Todd Brandow, William A. Ewing



Item Code 3246

Title Arnold Newman: The Early Work

Author Arnold Newman



Item Code 3251

Title Photopoetry

Author Bravo, Manuel Alvarez



Item Code 3250

Title The Eyes in His Eyes

Author Bravo, Manuel Alvarez



Item Code 3245

Title The American Barn

Author Plowden, David



Item Code 3252

Title Paris as a gameboard; Man Rays Atgets

Author Laxton, Susan



Item Code 3256

Title Pilgrimage

Author Leibovitz, Annie



Item Code 3247

Title Bhutan

Author Pfannmuller, Gunter



Item Code 3257

Title The Life of Yousaf Karsh

Author Tippett, Maria



Item Code 3255

Title The lost photographs of Captain Scott

Author Wilson, David



Each book is limited to just 500 copies, of these 100 will be kept for use of the artist and their galleries.

Approx 50 copies will be tentatively reserved for sale as individual copies, but some of these may be required as additional copies by the artist's galleries.

350 copies will be available as complete sets of all 6 books with each book signed and numbered.

Customers who subscribe to this first set, will be allocated a particular edition number, and if they decide to keep up their subscription, (and there is no obligation to do so ) their future sets will bear the same edition number.
Subscribers to the previous edition are given first refusal on the next edition.

The timetable for future editions will see Set Two published in the spring of 2015 and the aim is then to publish every six to nine months.

This is set to build into a highly sought after, and collectable library of photographic books

Now for the bottom line the price.

Individual copies where available will be priced at £150 per book

Signed and Numbered Sets are priced at £600 per set which works out at just £100 per book

Bevan Davies’s meticulously printed photographs suggest an appreciation of this form of residential architecture with respect both to the facades on which their identities hinge and to the built spaces between those facades. Preferring to photograph during early morning hours on weekends, Davies positioned the film plane of his 8x10-inch camera parallel to the buildings’ fronts, to capture the nuanced play of shadows. The resulting images lend depth to structural and decorative elements that are simultaneously utilitarian and aesthetic. – from ‘Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles Apartments’ by Virginia Heckert Los Angeles, 1976 is an exquisitely-produced collection of Bevan Davies’s photographs of Los Angeles residential architecture, a subject perfectly suited to his working methods at that time. Born in 1941 and educated at the University of Chicago during the 1960s, Bevan Davies hit his intellectual and artistic stride in the 1970s, dovetailing perfectly with the uniquely fertile grounds that Los Angeles was becoming during that decade.

San Fernando Valley is where John Divola was born and raised, and it served as both backdrop and subject for his earliest, serious photographic explorations, made during the early 1970s. This previously unpublished body of work shows “the Valley” through the eyes of a young photographer who would soon become an internationally-recognized artist with the exhibition and publication of his much more conceptual “Zuma” series.

The black and white photographs in “San Fernando Valley” comprise a series of subject groupings which, pulled together, show early manifestations of the deadpan humor and the ability to capture everyday scenes wrapped in loneliness, for which Divola is now well-known. The book is also, and not incidentally, a fascinating record of a quintessentially 1970s Los Angeles culture

The images in Steve Kahn’s enigmatic The Hollywood Suites were all made in run-down apartments between the years 1974 and 1976. Alternately provocative and haunting, they were the subject of solo exhibitions on the West Coast and in Europe during that decade and included in noted group exhibitions such asExposing: Photographic Definitions at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art in 1976 and The Altered Photograph at P.S. 1 in New York in 1979.

The series divides into two groups of pictures. The Hollywood Suites (nudes) features sexually charged pictures of young women, often partially clad and sometimes cropped. In The Hollywood Suites (mirrors, windows and doors), Kahn concentrated on architectural interiors, making arresting use of windows and doors. The images themselves are grainy and offer an unnaturally sharp contrast between darks and lights. Select examples feature doorways embellished with geometric patterns done in twine.

London-based artist Idris Khan was born in the UK in 1978. Since completing his Master’s Degree with a Distinction in Research at the Royal College of Art in London in 2004, Khan has received international acclaim for his minimal, yet emotionally charged photographs, videos and sculptures and is without question one of the most exciting British artists of his generation. 

Appropriating icons of literature, music, and art, Khan methodically layers his material, whether it is Beethoven’s symphony, Milton’s Paradise Lost, or Bernd and Hilla Becher’s stylized sculpture of water towers. In speaking about his work, Khan says that “every layer is an effect that needs to be created... Each layer is a fallible human decision. There is a decision made as to what I want to keep and what has to disappear. This process allows me to cut out the camera completely.” Each layer in the resulting artwork adds complexity similar to a painter’s mark on a canvas. Khan’s photographs are not “taken”; they are built. The final composite image has the look and feel of a dense, quivering charcoal drawing.

Image | Music | Text presents a selection of Khan’s most powerful imagery to date, enjoying the intimacy of a book’s presentation while taking full advantage of the series’s generous format. The artist’s design incorporates three gatefold spreads, each measuring some thirty inches across.

As one of the most celebrated and influential artists of his generation, Daido Moriyama has been the subject of dozens of books and films, and literally hundreds of exhibitions mounted around the world during the past three decades. His subjects are often sprawling, both geographically and metaphorically, with one influencing the next. In Mantis, however, the act of photographing becomes the subject of the book, decades after the fact. 

In this beautifully produced artist’s book, Moriyama presents 21 frames printed as full-bleed enlargements, all from one contact sheet with an imprinted date of 1987. The book is divided into three unintended chapters, the result of Daido having photographed one subject until his was satisfied, moving on to the next, and then repeating this once more.

The book opens, fantastically, with a close-up of the hand of Masahisa Fukase, the artist’s friend and contemporary, holding a praying mantis which has caught the attention of them both; after several frames, Moriyama abruptly stops and then continues the roll of film inside of a studio apartment elsewhere. A female subject unwittingly and slowly becomes mantis-like in her poses, and gradually she merges into yet another subject, a mysterious set of portraits whose timelessness is given away only by the frames that preceded it.

In the summer of 1973, John Schott drove Route 66 from the midwest to California and back, sleeping in his pick-up truck and photographing with an 8x10-inch Deardorf view camera. Among his subjects were vintage motels situated along the highway, and it was a selection of these photographs that, two years later, were included in William Jenkins’ seminal New Topographics exhibition at the George Eastman House.

The twenty images that were included in this exhibition have been well-documented, though never reproduced in a manner showing the richness of detail and tone displayed in the original contact prints.

We are pleased to announce that, as part of our NZ Library, a beautifully printed, oversized book is now available which presents not only the 20 photographs originally shown from this important body of work, but all 47 photographs included in the artist’s complete set of archived images. This important new publication opens with an illuminating essay by Britt Salvesen, Department Head and Curator of the Wallis Annenberg Department of Photography, and the Department Head and Curator of Prints and Drawings, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and a leading expert on the subject.

Orders are dispatched within 48hrs but are very often shipped the same day. If a book is shown in stock it usually is in stock.

We do our best to keep as many Photographic titles as possible, but can't hold stock of every title so if we do not have the book you want email us and we will let you know if we can get it and at what price. Any NEW books not listed or in stock can be ordered at a 10% discount to publishers list prices, please email.

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